Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Anniversary Toast...

My sister became Mrs. Bailey two years ago today. I was her Matron of Honor and was excited to give the toast on her big day. I thought I could just get up there, grab the microphone, and speak from the heart without a hitch. However, I was quickly proven wrong when I couldn't find all the words that I wanted so badly to say. That is why today, I am honoring them with an Anniversary Toast...

"We've known each other whole lives..."

It's a phrase we all hear often, whether it's someone introducing an old friend or sharing memories from their past. But if you ever stop to think about it, very few people can say this about someone and actually mean it.

For those of you who don't know, Danielle and I are twins. From the first moment we existed we were together, and that's when our lives began. So when I say, "we've known each other our whole lives", I mean it. It's the one thing that we share with each other that we'll never share with anyone else - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We grew up playing outside and enjoying many of the same hobbies. We were girl scouts, we swam, we danced, and we even had our own "Mystery Club" with the other kids in the neighborhood. We built forts on the front porch to watch it rain and we rode our bikes down the gravel road we lived on. We went on secret adventures in houses that weren't completely built yet and found new hang out spots in wooded vacant lots, which are now covered in houses.

I think middle school is the time in most kids’ lives that they start figuring out who they want to be. We remained close, even though we started being interested in different things. We were sisters and we always had each other, no matter what friends came and went between us. Middle school is where Josh entered the picture and it was the last day of our eighth grade year that they officially became "boyfriend and girlfriend". (For those of you doing the math, it was June 2000.)

They got to experience a lot of life's ups and downs together, as well as a lot of teenagers' best memories. They went to Junior Prom and Senior Prom together, and all of our homecoming dances. They finished high school and graduated together in 2004. They found their careers and became adults together, and Josh proposed on Valentine's Day 2008.

Josh became part of our family long before their wedding day. We always knew they would get married, it was just a matter of time. "High School Sweethearts" never have an easy path to the finish line - most don't even finish the race. Yet here they are, as husband and wife, showing all of us that true love wins out every time.

Dani and Josh: I love you both and I am lucky to call you my sister and brother-in-law. I am so happy for you and I wish you absolutely nothing but the best because you deserve it. Happy Second Anniversary! <3

                              Junior Prom 2003                    Wedding Day 2010