Friday, July 12, 2013

Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths

SO, this blog is a little late coming considering we did this in May...but I'm catching up on things now! I've always thought about donating my hair when it was time to cut it, but I was never sure when I'd be ready for the big chop. I had heard a lot about Locks of Love, but while looking into that I came across Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful Lengths program. They are alike in that they accept hair donations, but almost everything else is different.

Pantene Pro-V will accept donations of 8" or more, while Locks of Love requires 10". Through my research I found stories that Locks of Love sells wigs to some patients, while Pantene Pro-V gives the wigs to patients at no cost. Locks of Love focuses mostly on children, while Pantene Pro-V focuses on women. There are other things that I read, and while it may not all be 100% accurate, it was enough to make me choose Pantene Pro-V. Though I have respect for both organizations, and anyone who chooses to donate their hair to either one!

Danielle wanted to cut her hair as well, so I made us appointments for Saturday afternoon. We were both a little nervous going in...our hair was pretty long! I had already told my hairdresser in March that I was planning to donate soon, so she was excited to be the one to chop it all off. I was suprised at how relaxed I was once she started cutting. I was afraid I'd instantly second-guess myself or wish I hadn't chosen to donate so much, but I felt really happy about it.

In the end, I donated 14" and Danielle donated 11". My hair hasn't been this short in 6 years, but it's SO light and refreshing! Plus, knowing that my hair is going to a woman who has lost her hair makes it so incredibly rewarding. I look forward to being able to do this again in the future!

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